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  1. women exercising stretching in a fitness class

    Commentary: Exercise, not diet, is the key to weight loss

    One reason why exercise gets a bad reputation is too many looking to lose weight place limits on how much they exercise, says one observer.
  2. This picture taken on July 25, 2017 shows a woman eating noodles, handmade

    Commentary: Can intermittent fasting help tackle diabetes?

    Intermittent fasting, with its impressive results, may be more than a fad, argues University College London’s Nick Lesica.
  3. poke bowl

    Dieting may encourage your body to regain lost weight

    If you thought that dieting might help you lose weight and maintain a slimmer figure, you might want to think again, argues one psychology expert.
  4. Fm league physique war

    Bodybuilding in Singapore: Surviving in its own shadows

    While the sport no longer exists as an official entity in the eyes of the Singapore National Olympic Council, it lives on in its various ...