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  1. Catching The Trend
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    Ep 36: Catching The Trend

    Megatrends - and why thematic investing is usually safer. And, ride the fast-changing trends of digital payments. Plus, the legal but often ...
  2. how to know if freelance work is right for you Singapore CNA Lifestyle couch

    Commentary: The curse of late payments plaguing freelancers

    Contractors are required to do much more than the job in hand before they are paid for it, says Iona Bain.
  3. Indonesians warming up to cashless payments | Video
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    Indonesians warming up to cashless payments | Video

    Digital payments are taking off in Indonesia - a vast archipelago of around 17,000 islands. And as Indonesians slowly warm up to the idea of ...
  4. Digital payments

    From early adopter to e-payment paradise: Singapore can lead the world

    Our little red dot has caught up with the world in digital payments, and now it has to learn how to lead, says Sudheendra Shantharam, co-founder ...
  5. Smartphone user

    Commentary: Don't carry your bank cards with your mobile phone

    A near-miss with a robber prompts Financial Times' Claer Barrett to rethink the way she manages her finances, cards and accounts.
  6. New Content Item

    Commentary: Bike-sharing e-wallets, peer-to-peer lending and the astronomical rise of shadow banking

    Have regulations caught up with the surge in digital payment services that mirror banking functions?
  7. New Content Item

    Convert currencies at your convenience

    Take your money changer along with you on your next vacation
  8. Local, foreign firms eye India’s digital payments industry | Video
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    Local, foreign firms eye India’s digital payments industry | Video

    With India's digital payments market expected to reach US$1 trillion in the next five years, Indian and international companies are showing ...