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  1. Waku Ghin - Extended Bar

    Two-Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant Waku Ghin reopens at Marina Bay Sands

    It has been a two-year wait, but gourmands can now look forward to a widened repertoire of Japanese fine-dining experiences.
  2. Kin Heritage Dishes 2021

    MasterChef Singapore judge introduces new heritage dishes at his restaurant, Kin

    Chef Damian D’Silva, who is currently a judge on the show's Season 2, has unveiled a new menu at his restaurant Kin, featuring recipes from ...
  3. The Carne Complete Burger

    Hungry girl seeks perfect burger: This one has links to the world’s best restaurant

    Is a burger associated with 3-Michelin-starred Mirazur also the best burger ever? CNA Lifestyle continues on the quest for true burger love in ...
  4. KFC Singapore fried chicken

    That fried chicken not good enough for you? KFC Singapore has a 1-for-1 exchange promo

    The fast food chain is introducing the programme on Wednesday (Feb 24) where you can exchange your unsatisfactory partially eaten chicken and get ...
  5. Creative Capital Justin Aow

    Creative Capital: This ex-hotelier keeps Singaporeans nourished with tasty broth

    A conscious pivot led former director of F&B Justin Aow to find his true calling.
  6. Kinki Restaurant + Bar - Unagi Claypot_2

    Japanese restaurant Kinki reopens with Unagi claypot, Geisha cocktails and more

    What can diners expect at the newly revamped Kinki? A bold new look, Instagram-worthy food, and Asian-inspired cocktails await.
  7. Chinese New Year dishes from three familes

    Taste of home: 3 Singapore families share their special Chinese New Year dishes

    Braised pork buns, ‘coin’ dumplings and Peranakan noodles – these families invited CNA Lifestyle into their homes to sample their once-a-year ...
  8. Cure x Man Man Chefs

    Delicious discussions: How the unique recipes of Michelin Guide Kitchen Takeover came to be

    A shared respect and a healthy curiosity for experimentation were key to success for the chefs.
  9. pexels-david-riaño-cortés-975771

    At this Singapore restaurant, you can adopt a tree to fund reforestation efforts

    At Super Loco Robertson Quay, guests can adopt a tree for a small fee of S$6, which will aid reforestation efforts in Borneo, one of the world’s ...
  10. New Content Item

    Ring in a smooth start to the Chinese New Year with the sweet taste of Auchentoshan

    The triple-distilled scotch will keep all the right kinds of conversations flowing. Brought to you by Auchentoshan.