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  1. Rotisserie Chicken Alvin Leung 15 Stamford Capitol Kempinski

    This famous Hong Kong chef wants to reinvent chicken rice and chilli crab

    At his upcoming restaurant at the Capitol Kempinski Hotel, Forbidden Duck's Alvin Leung will serve chilli crab with corn bread instead of mantou ...
  2. Best Thing We Ate Telok Ayer Arts Club chocolate pudding

    Comfort food: Warm chocolate pudding with salted caramel at Telok Ayer Arts Club

    This deeply chocolatey confection with a rubble of coconut crumble was the best thing we ate this week, especially in this frightful weather.
  3. Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe Justin Quek Hae Mee Soup Nissin Noodle

    Fine dining legend Justin Quek's new dish: S$12.80 'Hae Mee' Nissin Noodle

    The celebrity Singaporean chef ventures out of luxury dining into Asian comfort food in a collaboration with Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe.
  4. Folklore Chef Damian D'Silva Eurasian food cuisine 1

    Kitchen Stories: Why Chef Damian D’Silva fights for Singapore's food heritage

    "We have not lost our identity per se, but we’ve forgotten who we are." The crusade against cultural erosion by one of Singapore’s most stalwart ...
  5. The Mast' Of Mozzarella & Co. mozzarella brurrata buffalo milk cheese

    Italian cheese, made in Singapore: This restaurant makes mozzarella on-site

    Can you expect mozzarella, burrata and stracciatella with... local flavours? The newly opened The Mast’ Of Mozzarella & Co. says you just might.
  6. UNDATED -- BC-TRAVEL-TIMES-FRUGAL-TRAVELER-ART-NYTSF — Boats moored along the Hooghly River, which

    In Kolkata, a love of books, fried street food and, mostly, sweets

    This city is more relaxed than some of its modern Indian counterparts, and residents claim a strong relationship to its colonial past.
  7. Durian cold drip coffee

    Durian cold drip coffee is actually a thing – with durian mochi on the side

    If you love durian, these new offerings will be launched on Dec 17 at Bakerzin's United Square outlet. If you don't... Well, you've been warned.
  8. A man eats soup and bread as volunteers distribute charity meals for homeless people in St. Petersb

    Russian chefs offer soup to warm homeless on cold St Petersburg nights

    Most weeks, Roman Redman does a few extra hours in the kitchens of his ribs and burger joint in Saint Petersburg to cook for a less hipster clientele:
  9. Best Thing We Ate Scallop With Chap Chye Vinegar & Salted Vegetable Jelly

    Juicy scallops and braised squid with a Peranakan twist at Magic Square

    An impressive menu of dishes that wouldn’t be out of place in a fine dining restaurant makes this pop-up establishment the best place we ate at ...
  10. Christmas party ideas Marmalade Pantry Main Festive Gourmet Goodies(800x534)

    Release the Turducken – delicious festive goodies to order for your Christmas party

    If you’re playing host this year but would rather not cook for a crowd, CNA Lifestyle has got you covered with wagyu lasagna, crispy pork belly, ...