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  1. Kitchen Stories Chef Mok Kit Keung 1 Shang Palace

    The old family recipes that let Shang Palace’s chef take fine Chinese cuisine into the future

    Chef Mok Kit Keung’s 40-year career is as storied as the 20-year-old orange peel preserved by his late mother.
  2. Gram cafe souffle pancakes

    The wobbly souffle pancake trend is on the rise – here's where to eat it up

    Fluffy, puffy and oh-so Instagrammable. Time to sink your teeth into this increasingly popular dish of tiny, round clouds of deliciousness.
  3. Five Guys Burger and Fries 2

    It's official: Five Guys is opening an outlet in Singapore, thanks to Zouk

    The famous American burger franchise is set to open for business toward the end of the year – and marks the Zouk Group's diversification into F&B.
  4. Chateau de Saran

    The 19th century chateau you can't pay to stay in – you have to be invited

    The Chateau de Saran in Champagne is the revamped centrepiece of the Moet & Chandon empire. But exactly how does one qualify to be an “honoured ...
  5. Hawkerpreneurs carrot cake

    These next-generation Singapore hawkers gave up cushy jobs to pursue their dreams

    Grandma’s 20-hour lorbak and shrimp rolls: Just some of the dishes served up by young hawkerpreneurs at this year's DBS Marina Regatta.
  6. Sustainable chefs - Sebastian Goh HERO (1064x1280)

    Kampung lessons for a Singapore chef: 'Every grain is planted with love and sweat'

    For Yellow Pot’s Chef Sebastian Goh, having balance in cuisine goes beyond a dish’s texture and flavours – it’s also about giving back to Mother ...
  7. Ramadan iftars buffet HERO (830x1024)

    Iftar in Malaysia: The best Ramadan buffets in sumptuous Kuala Lumpur

    From kampung cuisine to swanky spreads, these are eight of the best buka puasa buffets for friends and family up in Malaysia's capital.
  8. Indigo Blue Kitchen's Nyonya Poh Piah (Photo Les Amis Group)

    A Peranakan restaurant with a non-Peranakan chef? Les Amis’ new eatery wants to shake things up

    Don't worry, Indigo Blue Kitchen will feature Les Amis Group chairman Desmond Lim's Nyonya grandmother's recipes.
  9. Mulligatawny

    'Country captain' chicken curry? The British legacy found in our food heritage

    Chef Damian D'Silva gives Maggie Joan's chef Seumas Smith and visiting London chef Zach Elliott-Crenn a crash course in heritage Anglo-Indian ...
  10. Keto burgers group shot

    Are Singapore’s first keto-compliant burgers any good?

    The bottom line is: you can now avoid carbs and sugars and enjoy cakes and burgers too.