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  1. A Tap-Tap (a collective transportation vehicle) drives past the national flag, in Port-au-Prince, H

    US names special envoy to Haiti to help facilitate peace, probe

    The United States on Thursday announced a special envoy to help coordinate U.S. assistance in Haiti, including efforts promoting long-term peace ...
  2. (Illustration: iStock)

    Commentary: A pity China can’t seem to ditch its wolf warrior diplomacy

    Despite recent exhortations from President Xi to tone down their language, China’s wolf warriors are here to stay. Their effects are not all ...
  3. U.S. President Trump and North Korea's Kim meet at the start of their summit in Singapore

    Commentary: Isolating North Korea further could have serious implications for the US

    The lesson US policymakers have drawn is that Pyongyang is not genuinely interested in negotiating on nuclear weapons, says a foreign affairs ...
  4. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds a briefing in Washington

    US prepared to consider North Korea diplomacy aimed at denuclearisation: White House

    The United States is prepared to consider diplomacy with North Korea if it leads to a path of denuclearisation, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki ...
  5. The North Korea flag flutters next to concertina wire at the North Korean embassy in Kuala Lumpur

    Commentary: North Korea and Malaysia’s diplomatic divorce is a predictable move on the chessboard

    Pyongyang is sending a message in typically overbearing style. But the target is as much the US as it is Malaysia, says Asia expert, James Chin.