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  1. Tan Guan Heng

    Commentary: What I learnt after escorting a blind guest from his home to our studios

    Persons with disabilities are more independent than we give them credit for, says CNA's Nazurah Razali.
  2. The Pulse Thumbnail
    Media playtime

    10 May 2019: People with disabilities - is charity the lens through which we see them?

    While many were touched by the tale of a wheelchair-bound food deliverer, people with disabilities often face challenges finding a job - would a ...
  3. A child eating.

    Commentary: Many who suffer from a swallowing disability keep quiet about it

    Fear of embarrassment compounds the uphill battle of tackling this disability, say two observers.
  4. Reuters Peter Apps screengrab

    Commentary: Covering the world, paralysed from the shoulders down

    When Reuters columnist Peter Apps woke up paralysed from shoulder down after an accident 12 years ago, he felt like his life was over. Today, he ...