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  1. Breaking Physical Boundaries
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    Ep 1: Breaking Physical Boundaries

    Paralympic swimmer Pin Xiu is hyper-independent and takes a low-tech approach to life. Teenager Tamimi loves to draw but first, he has to learn to ...
  2. Defined by dreams, not disabilities

    Defined by dreams, not disabilities

    With the right preparations, life’s twists and turns won’t slow your life or aspirations down.
  3. Eleftheria Tosiou and Marios Giannakou chat in a park during an interview with Reuters in Drama

    Student with disabilities conquers Greece's highest peak

    A Greek university student with disabilities has achieved her lifelong ambition of reaching the summit of Mount Olympus, Greece's highest peak ...
  4. Egyptian designer Ashgan Ragab Alabhar of 180 Degree Company poses for group shot in Cairo

    Egyptian designer tailors clothing brand for people with disabilities

    When Ashgan al-Abhar's wheelchair-using friend said she dreamed of wearing a dress that did not obstruct her mobility, she decided to launch a ...
  5. Can he consummate a marriage? Will any children he has “be like him”? Alex has faced such questions.

    I want a wife, not a maid: When a man with cerebral palsy looks for love, intimacy

    Like many of his peers, Alex, 33, craves companionship and a family of his own in future. But his disability is not the only challenge. He must ...
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    Looking for love, in a wheelchair

    Born with cerebral palsy, Alex was bullied as a child. As a teen, he watched peers go on dates, while he struggled with insecurity and raging ...