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  1. A policeman stands guard near the wreckage of Lion Air's flight JT610 at Tanjung Priok port in

    Indonesia finds 'minor' faults in two other 737-MAX jets after crash

  2. Lion Air crash black box hunt

    Piece of crashed Indonesian jet's landing gear found: Official

  3. Indonesian officials with one of the black boxes from Lion Air flight JT610 - 1

    Black box from Lion Air crash brought back to shore

  4. Despite the name, the two boxes -- consisting of the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice

    Black boxes: Crucial to air crash probes

    When investigators arrive at an aviation crash site, one of their first priorities is to locate the plane's black boxes, two pieces of equipment ...
  5. lion air JT610 (1)

    Indonesia orders inspection of all Boeing 737-MAX planes after crash

  6. (pp) Palu recovery1

    ‘I hope the beauty of Palu will be revived’: Signs of recovery in tsunami-hit Indonesian city

    Businesses in tsunami-hit Palu have begun to reopen as local residents fight to rebuild their lives.