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  1. Unilever reportedly made $500 million from Fair & Lovely sales last year

    Commentary: Why Unilever’s skin lightening cream is drawing backlash despite earning US$500 million each year

    The multinational company is challenging what it calls narrow beauty ideals in its packaging but it remains unclear if it can tackle ...
  2. FY2122 Ep 2: Migrant Worker Woes
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    Ep 2: Migrant Worker Woes

    Working away from home, migrant workers often struggle to earn enough to support their families. The COVID-19 pandemic has deepened their woes, ...
  3. Britain Soccer Premier League

    Commentary: The English Premier League and European football have a disgusting racism problem

    Football authorities have pointed out that racism in the game reflects racism in society but the sport could work harder to become more inclusive, ...
  4. 19 Feb 2021
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    Ep 34: Changes During COVID-19

    From burial rituals in Nepal to bloody cockfights in the Philippines and budding e-commerce in Pakistan, COVID-19 continues to change our world.
  5. FILE PHOTO: An H&M logotype is seen at a shop in Stockholm

    Swedish equality ombudsman launches discrimination probe into H&M after media report

    Sweden's Equality Ombudsman (DO), a government agency, said on Wednesday it had launched an investigation into fashion retailer H&M following a ...
  6. When Elephants Fight
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    When Elephants Fight

    The coronavirus pandemic has unleashed a tsunami of hate, xenophobia and scare-mongering. CNA correspondents take a look at the lives of Chinese ...
  7. Asia Default Image

    Former employee sues China Southern, alleging discrimination

    Former employee sues China Southern, alleging discrimination