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  1. Japan elderly woman

    Commentary: Disease, isolation and neglect, the aged lives of quiet desperation you don't see

    Is living past the age of 80 a success or fail? One observer discusses the darker side of ageing.
  2. FILE PHOTO: Workers in protective suits are seen by a truck at a Shuanghui plant following a discov

    African swine fever: China marks new front in battle against deadly disease

    China is battling to control the rapid spread of deadly African swine fever (ASF) across the world's largest hog herd after four outbreaks in ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: Congolese officials and the World Health Organization officials wear protective suits a

    Militia threat hampers Ebola fight in Congo as disease kills 47

    Militia violence in Democratic Republic of Congo has prevented aid workers from reaching some potential cases in an outbreak of Ebola that has so ...
  4. India pollution

    Pollution killed nine million people in 2015: Report

    Pollution claimed the lives of nine million people in 2015, one in every six deaths that year, according to a report published on Friday (Oct 20).
  5. antibiotics

    Finish your antibiotics course? Maybe not, experts say

    British disease experts on Thursday suggested doing away with the "incorrect" advice to always finish a course of antibiotics, saying the approach ...
  6. Olivia Newton John

    Olivia Newton-John reveals new cancer 25 years later

  7. Platelet transfusion at TTSH

    Commentary: At life's end, do we want to spend our last days in the hospital?

    What we want out of care at the end of our lives is a good starting point for how we should design our palliative care system, argues Dr Cynthia Goh.
  8. mother baby

    Commentary: Honour the honest presentation of motherhood

    From confinement to returning to work, it doesn't become easier for a new mother, says KK Women's and Children's Hospital's Dr Helen Chen.
  9. Yemen cholera May 16

    Yemen rebels declare state of emergency over cholera outbreak