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  1. Miriam Hamberg, 22, from Sweden, has won the women's dods diving title at the world

    'Dods' or alive: Defying gravity in Norway's 'death diving'

    They throw themselves into the air, twisting their bodies and seemingly making time standstill,before landing with a splash: originally a pastime ...
  2. Blancpain Fifty Fathoms

    A watch not just for diving enthusiasts, but also for military history buffs

    Two limited edition Blancpain Fifty Fathoms reissues for 2019, the Nageurs de combat and Barakuda, offer a reminder of Blancpain’s extensive ...
  3. Yeo Boon Han

    Singaporean dies while on diving trip in Bintan

  4. Premier League - Arsenal v Burnley

    Burnley manager Dyche fumes over diving in Premier League

    Diving is ruining football and setting a terrible example for millions of children who love the game, manager Sean Dyche said on Saturday after ...
  5. Zhang Jiaqi

    Asian Games: 'Little Fu Mingzia', 14, claims second diving medal

  6. Jack Laugher

    Commonwealth Games: Laugher wins second gold in diving

  7. Laugher dives

    Commonwealth Games: All smiles as Laugher wins diving title

    England's Jack Laugher gave a dominant performance to retain his Commonwealth Games one-metre springboard title on the Gold Coast on Wednesday ...
  8. Mark Timothy Lee

    Diving: Singapore duo win 3m springboard bronze at FINA Grand Prix

  9. Diver file

    Malaysia diving coach accused of raping Olympic hopeful