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  1. Dr Caroline Low-Heah

    Introducing Caroline Low-Heah: Doctor, donor and Dior dress collector

    Dr Caroline Low-Heah doesn’t just have a passion for fashion, she’s also a renowned charity advocate who has instilled the value of giving back in ...
  2. doctor clinic consultation

    Commentary: Electronic health records cannot replace a doctor who knows you

    The better your doctor knows you, the more likely they will be to ensure that you receive the best care, say medicine professors Richard Gunderman ...
  3. Doctor patient

    Commentary: Should you record your consultation with your doctor?

    Health professionals including doctors and nurses believe consultation recordings benefit patients, and improve the care they are able to provide, ...
  4. Wee Teong Boo

    Doctor on trial for raping patient kept mum when police seized wrong pair of underpants, say prosecutors

    Wee Teong Boo, 67, said on Thursday (May 24) that he did not think the police would have believed him had he spoken up.
  5. Wee Teong Boo

    Doctor on trial for raping patient: Accused had seen urologist for erectile dysfunction, low libido

    The 67-year-old, who is accused of raping a young woman during a late-night consultation at his clinic, said that he has suffered from those ...