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    Patients may face time limit to file complaints on misconduct of doctors: MOH

    MOH is looking at three years as a time limit, in line with civil negligence suits.
  2. Hong Kong faces shortage of doctors | Video
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    Hong Kong faces shortage of doctors | Video

    Hong Kong has been ranked as having the world's most efficient healthcare system - but this comes as a surprise to residents who face either long ...
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    MOH aims to issue legally binding clinical practice guidance for doctors

    The guidance could provide more certainty on issues like informed consent and on how healthcare institutions and professionals should handle ...
  4. Doctor patient

    Commentary: Are complaints against doctors destroying the doctor-patient relationship?

    Instead of loading doctors with more onerous duties to inform patients, teaching medical students medical law and changing the healthcare culture ...
  5. doctor illustration stethoscope generic hospital nurse research

    No quick fix for physician burnout, depression

  6. New Content Item

    Commentary: How should we regulate doctors and protect patients in a complex world?

    A slew of cases involving complaints against doctors has been brought to the Singapore Medical Council recently. Kumaralingam Amirthalingam ...
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    The doctors’ dilemma: Sacrifice the bottom line, or fall foul of Singapore Medical Council?

    Some doctors remain in a dilemma following new medical ethical guidelines which came into force this month. And this could mean patients’ medical ...
  8. File photo of a surgery nurse preparing a syringe before starting procedures to clean the wound of

    Nursing on the front line: Rewards and challenges

    Against a backdrop of a global shortage of healthcare workers, Singapore will need to compete for nurses to support an ageing population. In the ...