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  1. italy face masks coronavirus

    Commentary: Pharmacists can do more on frontlines of COVID-19 fight

    US pharmacists can now test for coronavirus. They are qualified to help with community care, home care and more if allowed to, says a healthcare ...
  2. A driver gets a coronavirus test at a drive-through clinic at a hospital in Daegu

    Commentary: COVID-19 outbreak has overworked some but left more with little to do

    During this coronavirus outbreak, industries must find ways to make better use of idle resources to fight the virus, says the Financial Times’ Tim ...
  3. Doctor patient

    Commentary: As a GP, I think we should talk about deaths with patients

    Some GP struggle to initiate conversations about dying and palliative care with patients for whom death is harder to predict, University of ...
  4. New Content Item

    Patients may face time limit to file complaints on misconduct of doctors: MOH

    MOH is looking at three years as a time limit, in line with civil negligence suits.
  5. New Content Item

    MOH aims to issue legally binding clinical practice guidance for doctors

    The guidance could provide more certainty on issues like informed consent and on how healthcare institutions and professionals should handle ...
  6. Doctor patient

    Commentary: Are complaints against doctors destroying the doctor-patient relationship?

    Instead of loading doctors with more onerous duties to inform patients, teaching medical students medical law and changing the healthcare culture ...