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  1. puppy dog eyes

    Masters of manipulation: The evolution of 'puppy dog eyes'

  2. Pet owners want to be masters, not servants

    Commentary: Pet owners want to be masters, not servants - that's why we value dogs more than cats

    No matter how cute and cuddly cats may be, they can’t compete with dogs, says New York Institute of Technology's Colleen P Kirk.
  3. Platinium missing dog

    Commentary: Want stronger protection for animals? Empower animal welfare groups to carry out enforcement

    Countries like New Zealand and Australia empower their SPCA-equivalent to bring animal offenders to justice, President of SOSD Dr Siew Tuck Wah ...
  4. AVA puppies2

    ‘I cried every day’: Why Singapore’s vets might be depressed

    Studies around the world have long indicated a greater tendency for animal doctors to take their own lives. Now, in Singapore, the issue of mental ...
  5. Dog enjoys an ice cream given by its owner at an ice-cream shop where ice cream is designed especia

    Commentary: You're not walking your dog enough

    All dogs need regular exercise outside of the home, say two observers from the University of Sydney.
  6. rehomed dogs under mnd scheme

    Rehoming retired sniffer dogs: 13 dogs adopted by handlers in pilot scheme

  7. dog3

    French Bulldog's cute face exposes it to welfare risks: Study