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  1. Flyball Scallywags Flyball Fever Tournament 1

    A competitive team sport – for dogs

    Flyball, in which four-dog teams compete in a choreographed relay race, is a weekend ritual for many, as sacrosanct as youth soccer or bowling for ...
  2. dog3

    French Bulldog's cute face exposes it to welfare risks: Study

  3. dog1

    Milk spas and manicures: A Hong Kong dog's life

  4. Poor dog china

    Poisoned syringes fired at pet dogs for China meat trade

  5. Brownie_Sharpened

    Man jailed 20 months for animal cruelty in deaths of two poodles

  6. Abandoned dogs

    2 women who abandoned pet dogs fined, barred from owning animals

  7. dog seized from pet shop

    Woman fined S$11,000 for keeping farm, 9 dogs without licence

    The dogs were found by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) during a routine inspection at Lin Xiaoqun's shop.
  8. Dogs at Polling Stations twitter pic 2

    #DogsAtPollingStations: A paw-sitive UK election tradition goes on

    Britons went to the polls on Thursday (Jun 8) in the country's general election - and in many cases, so did their pets.