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  1. Our Lives With Dogs - Paws That Heal
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    Ep 30: Our Lives With Dogs - Paws That Heal

    Empathy, acceptance and good listening skills are the traits of a good therapist. But these healthcare assistants also come with a tail, four ...
  2. New Content Item
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    Ep 31: Our Lives With Dogs - Paws That Work

    From the glam of acting to the grit of national security, these dogs show that they are more than a pretty face as they sniff, bite and woof their ...
  3. This Indonesian woman has rescued more than 1,000 stray and abandoned dogs
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    This Indonesian woman has rescued more than 1,000 stray and abandoned dogs

    Meet Susana Somali, who gives stray and abandoned dogs a new home at her shelter in Jakarta, Indonesia. There are now more than 1,000 dogs at ...
  4. save our singapore street dogs adoption drive 2

    Commentary: We never give up trying, but not every rescue dog will find a home

    It is important that dog lovers and rescuers understand that not everyone can afford the same level of commitment when taking care of a dog, says ...
  5. Cat pexels 2_mod

    Is your pet cat or dog really happy you’re at home all the time – or stressed out?

    For some animals, your constant presence might be causing them stress. Here’s what you can do to make “circuit breaker” living a happy, healthy ...
  6. Dog for adoption

    Adopt me! Meet the newly eligible rescue dogs who can now live in HDB flats

    For these shelter pups, some of whom have never seen the inside of a home, there’s renewed hope thanks to the new HDB guidelines allowing larger ...
  7. Dog walking, pug

    Commentary: Few bad dogs but many bad owners. But even that can be changed

    The relaxed restrictions on dogs that can be rehomed in HDB flats are to be welcomed but it’s far more important to tackle poor habits some dog ...