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  1. FILE PHOTO: 91st Academy Awards - Oscars - Hollywood

    Roma actress brings star power to support of domestic workers, indigenous women

    "If you are a woman and told 'no', try again ... because at some point in time you will be a success," Yalitza Aparicio told the audience at an ...
  2. Tuti Tursilawati

    Indonesia protests Saudi execution of domestic worker

    Jakarta has filed an official protest with Saudi Arabia after the oil-rich kingdom executed an Indonesian domestic worker without notifying her ...
  3. Lav Diaz

    Chance encounter leads to Lav Diaz’s new film on Filipino domestic workers in Singapore

    Lav Diaz will be shooting Henrico’s Farm in August as part of the Singapore International Festival of Arts’ retrospective on the award-winning ...
  4. Foreign maids must be supervised when cleaning windows

    Minimum pay for Filipino maids to go up May 1: Philippine embassy

    Singapore has about 240,000 domestic workers and about a third of them are Filipino.
  5. New Content Item

    Maids to receive infant care training in new pilot course

    NTUC's SEED Institute will collaborate with healthcare professionals from KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH) to pilot the course, which will ...
  6. Hong Kong Trump protest

    Hong Kong holds anti-Trump protest

    Dozens of people gathered outside the US consulate in Hong Kong on Sunday (Feb 5) to protest against US President Donald Trump's executive order ...
  7. New Content Item

    Domestic helpers to undergo new programmes on Singapore's security

    The plans come in the wake of news that five foreign domestic helpers working in Singapore had been investigated over the past two years for ...
  8. (mm) Migrant workers poetry

    More than words: Singapore’s migrant workers shine through poetry

    From books to documentaries to festivals, the annual Migrant Workers Poetry Competition has opened new doors for Singapore’s unheralded heroes.
  9. Mdm Leela

    No place like home: How some families make ageing at home work

    How do caregivers do what is right by an aged parent, or sibling, who has expressed an aversion to institutional care? Channel NewsAsia spoke to ...
  10. philippine domestic 16x9

    New maternal and infant care course for foreign domestic workers launched

    The 80-hour course will take place on Sundays over 10 months. It costs S$180, after a subsidy of S$300 from FAST.