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  1. The Show Must Go...Online
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    The Show Must Go...Online

    CNA Correspondent 2020/2021_2020_0_16_The Show Must Go...Online
  2. ITV The Singapore Grip HERO

    There's a new British TV drama on colonial Singapore – shot in Malaysia

    We didn't see any Singaporeans cast in The Singapore Grip but it does have Game Of Thrones' Tywin Lannister.
  3. Xiang Yun pays tribute to veteran TV producer HERO

    Actress Xiang Yun pays tribute to veteran HK TV producer who died yesterday

    Liang was the director of drama at the Singapore Broadcasting Authority who wrote classic local TV dramas such as The Mist Locks Nanyang and The ...
  4. Be With You (Netflix)

    Korean film fans, what to watch next: Be With You, Secret Mission, The Throne

    Cycled through your options on Netflix and other streaming services? The Korean Cultural Center of New York is offering a selection of 10 films to ...
  5. Yanxi Palace

    Commentary: Why Yanxi Palace was the most Googled show in 2018

    The imperial-themed drama has found popularity beyond China, particularly in Vietnam, Singapore and Hong Kong, says Financial Times' Louise Lucas.