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    US Congress passes spending bill, avoiding shutdown

    The US Congress passed a spending bill late Wednesday and staved off a government shutdown, after reaching agreement on funding for a tainted ...
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    Yang Yin convicted of misappropriating S$1.1 million from elderly widow

    In court on Tuesday, Yang admitted that he misappropriated S$500,000 belonging to Madam Chung Khin Chun in 2010 and S$600,000 in 2012.
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    Yang Yin procured replica of painting to dupe widow: Prosecution

    Former China tour guide Yang Yin was entrusted with S$500,000 by an 89-year-old Singaporean widow to buy a painting, but he did not use it for its ...
  4. Map NZ gastroenteritis

    Suspected animal faeces contamination in New Zealand town water supply, inquiry launched

    According to Radio New Zealand, the town's water supply has been contaminated with the campylobacter bacteria, causing up to 2,000 people to fall ...
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    Pet groomer charged for abandoning 18 dogs

    Low Chong Kiat, who owns pet grooming school Prestige Grooming Academy, reportedly abandoned the dogs at various places around Singapore after ...