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  1. Russian driverless cars take to the road | Video
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    Russian driverless cars take to the road | Video

    A Moscow firm is about to unveil technology that it says will help computer-driven cars navigate the most extreme weather, while Russia's main ...
  2. The world could benefit from cars that ferry people and deliver packages without a human driver.

    Driverless cars were supposed to be mainstream by now. What happened?

    The timeout caused by the pandemic has hastened an industry shakeout that was already starting to happen.
  3. Smart cars Jaguar Land Rover

    Look ma, no hands: How our cars use driver-assistive tech to keep us safe

    From Honda Sensing to Nissan’s ProPilot Assist, adaptive technologies are becoming standard features in newer models, but we are still some years ...
  4. The NUSmart shuttle on Jul 29, 2019

    Driverless shuttle bus to start passenger trial at NUS Kent Ridge campus

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    Commentary: You know who should study the Boeing 737 crashes? Driverless car makers

    The two disasters serve as a warning for industries, including self-driving cars where technology is taking over, says the Financial Times' Brooke ...
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    Singtel and Ericsson to trial drones, self-driving vehicle on 5G pilot network this year

    These trials will tap on the pilot 5G network to be launched at one-north by the fourth quarter of 2018, the companies say.