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  1. a man checks his phone while driving

    Commentary: The growing trend of distracted driving

    New car technologies are making drivers far more prone to errors, including failures in visual perception and inability to detect and react to ...
  2. Prince Philip accident collage

    Commentary: Too old to drive? Older, unsafe drivers a growing problem

    The first thing to note is it is about the skills, not the age of the driver, says Florida State University Professor or Geriatrics Alice Pomidor.
  3. taxi stock pix

    Commentary: Shortening the waiting time for your cab with a driver guidance system

    There is a solution that can help match taxi demand and supply better – and it isn’t surge pricing, says one Singapore Management University ...
  4. A truck burns during a protest of the Yellow vests (Gilets jaunes) against rising oil prices and

    Commentary: Cheap oil is blocking progress on climate change

    Drivers drive less frequently when filling up the tank burns holes in their wallets, say one energy lecturer.
  5. New York traffic

    One in three US teens text while driving, survey shows

  6. New Content Item

    Saudi Arabia starts issuing driving licences to women

  7. Sticker Lady exhibition 3

    Commentary: It’s not your ‘grandfather’s road’

    Several accidents have garnered a considerable amount of public attention. It’s worth re-examining our own attitudes towards safety on the roads, ...
  8. London traffic

    Killer drivers in the UK to face life in prison: Reports