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  1. What Does It Take To Stop Reckless Driving?
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    Ep 22: What Does It Take To Stop Reckless Driving?

    From July, authorities raised the level of fines, in addition to stiffer penalties for dangerous driving. The aim is to mitigate reckless driving.
  2. FILE PHOTO: Ford Motor Co. displays a 2021 Ford F-150 pickup truck at the Rouge Complex in Dearborn

    Ford eyes first-year sales of 100,000 vehicles with hands-free driving system

    Ford Motor Co said on Friday it expects to sell 100,000 cars and trucks equipped with the company's new hands-free driving system in the first ...
  3. Congolese motorbike taxi rider Imelda Mmambu rides her motorbike as she waits for potential clients

    Meet the woman driving a motorbike taxi in eastern Congo

    Wearing leather leggings under her dress, Imelda Mbambu weaves her motorcycle taxi through the city of Beni in north east Congo, a handbag slung ...
  4. 2021 Cadillac Escalade SUV with General Motors' Super Cruise hands-free driving assistance

    'Hands free': Automakers race to next level of not quite self-driving cars

    Autopilot, ProPilot, CoPilot: Automakers have many names for new systems that allow for hands-free driving, but no safety or performance standards ...
  5. A logo of Mercedes-Benz is seen outside a Mercedes-Benz car dealer, amid the coronavirus disease (C

    Mercedes-Benz cars to be built on Nvidia autonomous driving platform from 2024

    Semiconductor maker Nvidia Corp said on Tuesday it struck a deal with Germany's Daimler Mercedes-Benz to provide cars produced from 2024 with a ...
  6. Logo of Didi Chuxing is seen at its headquarters building in Beijing

    SoftBank leads US$500 million fundraising for Didi's self-driving unit

    China's Didi Chuxing said on Friday it had completed a fundraising round of over US$500 million for its autonomous driving subsidiary that was led ...
  7. The world could benefit from cars that ferry people and deliver packages without a human driver.

    Driverless cars were supposed to be mainstream by now. What happened?

    The timeout caused by the pandemic has hastened an industry shakeout that was already starting to happen.