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  1. Kaya durian pizza Pezzo

    Think cheese is smelly? How about a Mao Shan Wang durian pizza with kaya?

    Made with Mao Shan Wang durian, kaya, mozzarella cheese and corn, Pezzo's new Kaya Durian Pizza might put the “sin” in “Singaporean" food.
  2. durian - pixabay

    Malaysia bets on durian as China goes crazy for world's smelliest fruit

    The stinky, spiky durian is set to become Malaysia's next major export as the Southeast Asian nation rushes to develop thousands of acres to cash ...
  3. Olivia Siong - durians in China 6

    Is the 'king of fruit' set to conquer the Chinese market?

  4. durian - pixabay

    Durian prices drop to RM1 at Malaysia stall

  5. durian coffee

    Penang durian coffee: 2 more consumers test positive for drugs

  6. Durian coffee

    Penang police seek woman in relation to durian coffee case