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  1. A court case against Shanghai Disneyland has ignited social media in China

    Shanghai Disneyland to allow food, but not durian

  2. Mao Shan Wang durian from 99 Old Trees

    Durian season to peak in August with the 'best and cheapest' Mao Shan Wang

    It's not over – a bumper haul from Malaysia is set to arrive over National Day weekend. Watch CNA Lifestyle's video for tips on how to tell the ...
  3. Orang Asli Frasers Hill

    Orang Asli land under threat in Pahang as Musang King plantations grow

    Some indigenous people in Raub claim they are paying the price for those looking to profit from the increasing demand for durians, while growers ...
  4. Mad Zin Abdullah posing with PO89 durian

    Johor crowns new premium grade durian to rival Musang King

  5. At a press conference where Johor announces its search for new durian breed

    Johor in search of new durian breed

  6. Single durian sells for US$48,000 at Thai auction

    Single durian sells for US$48,000 at Thai auction