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  1. Musang King Ale Durian Beer

    Would you drink durian beer? This Singapore brewery and durian concierge think so

    Local premium durian concierge Durian Edition has collaborated with The 1925 Brewing Co to produce Musang King Ale, a one-of-a-kind durian craft beer.
  2. Rich, creamy D24 durian mousse at Serangoon Gardens | CNA Lifestyle
    Media playtime

    Rich, creamy D24 durian mousse at Serangoon Gardens | CNA Lifestyle

    In this week’s Makan Kakis, GOLD 905 DJ Denise Tan visits Dessert Bowl to try their signature Durian Mousse, which comes topped with dollops of ...
  3. A couple eating durian

    Can you get allergies from eating durian? Why is drinking alcohol a no-no?

    It’s durian season again, so CNA Lifestyle asked medical experts to shed light on some prickly questions you might have before digging in.
  4. Olivia Siong - durians in China 6

    Commentary: COVID-19 hasn't dampened Asia's huge appetite for durians

    Durian is having one of its strongest-ever selling seasons in Thailand - thanks to gritty new sellers like Bsamfruit, says the Financial Times’ ...
  5. D24 Summer Dream

    Goodwood Park Hotel’s Durian Fiesta returns with 7 new creations

    As Goodwood Park Hotel celebrates its 120th anniversary this year, the new creations commemorate the hotel's past, while celebrating its future.
  6. Mao Shan Wang durian from 99 Old Trees

    Durian season to peak in August with the 'best and cheapest' Mao Shan Wang

    It's not over – a bumper haul from Malaysia is set to arrive over National Day weekend. Watch CNA Lifestyle's video for tips on how to tell the ...