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  1. mao shan wang durian

    Best way to enjoy Mao Shan Wang durians right now? Order online, eat at home

    Eating out is part of the experience during durian season, but 99 Old Trees’ Kelvin Tan suggests relishing the king of fruits safely at home, for now.
  2. Durians: A Prickly Business
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    Durians: A Prickly Business

    China's demand for the prickly fruit has pushed Malaysia's major durian-producing states to new levels, while restaurants in China scramble to ...
  3. China's love of durian
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    China's love of durian

    In 2018, China spent US$1.1 billion on fresh durians from Thailand. Even President Xi Jinping and Alibaba's Jack Ma are fans of the smelly and ...
  4. Is Our Durian Supply Under Threat?
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    Ep 15: Is Our Durian Supply Under Threat?

    95% of Singapore's durians come from Malaysia. But since May, Malaysia can now export whole frozen durians to China. Would that spell the end of ...
  5. China’s growing demand for durians | Video
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    China’s growing demand for durians | Video

    More Chinese nationals have acquired a taste for durians, and it's now being used to flavour products from yoghurt to cheese and coffee. But ...