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  1. Duterte: The Next Three Years
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    Ep 17: Duterte: The Next Three Years

    Duterte allies have secured a resounding victory in mid-term elections but could the President's hardline war on drugs cast a long shadow over his ...
  2. Two Years of Duterte
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    Ep 23: Two Years of Duterte

    Is the Philippines more stable, secure and prosperous under President Duterte since he stepped into office more than 2 years ago?
  3. Mahathir Mohamad in the Philippines

    Malaysian PM Mahathir warns Philippines against foreigner influx

  4. FILE PHOTO: President Rodrigo Duterte speaks after his arrival in Davao

    Philippine bishops seek forgiveness for silence on concerns about Duterte

    In a rare move, the largest group of Catholic bishops in the Philippines has sought forgiveness for its lengthy silence over "disturbing issues", ...
  5. President Rodrigo Duterte speaks after his arrival in Davao

    Philippine senators ask Duterte to disclose China energy plan

    Philippine opposition senators have demanded President Rodrigo Duterte reveal details of joint energy exploration plans with China, warning such a ...
  6. Asia Default Image

    Philippine police colonel on Duterte drug list killed in shootout

  7. Asia Default Image

    Philippines closes Boracay to tourists under high security

  8. Boracay environ 2

    Local tears, rotting filth and a green tide: How Boracay will get clean again

    In the final part of Jack Board's investigation into the implications of Boracay's closure, he finds out how decisive action to clean up the ...
  9. Boracay politics 1

    Boracay praises Duterte’s ‘strong hand’, just don’t call us a cesspool

    In the third part of an in-depth look at the imminent closure of Boracay, Channel NewsAsia's Jack Board looks at how the attempt to resolve the ...
  10. Boracay business 9

    Boracay businesses pray for early relief from President Duterte’s island shutdown

    In the second part of an in-depth series looking at the impact of the temporary closure of Boracay, Jack Board finds out how businesses are ...