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  1. Philippine's Former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo gestures after she was elected by congre

    Duterte ally and ex-Philippine president Arroyo gets house speaker job

    Former Philippine leader Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was elected speaker of the lower house of Congress on Monday, following a dramatic move by ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: Australian missionary Patricia Fox waves to her supporters before filing a petition cal

    Philippines to expel 'undesirable' Australian nun who irked Duterte

    The Philippines blacklisted and ordered the deportation on Thursday of an elderly Australian nun at odds with President Rodrigo Duterte, calling ...
  3. Asia Default Image

    Philippines closes Boracay to tourists under high security

  4. Boracay environ 2

    Local tears, rotting filth and a green tide: How Boracay will get clean again

    In the final part of Jack Board's investigation into the implications of Boracay's closure, he finds out how decisive action to clean up the ...
  5. Boracay politics 1

    Boracay praises Duterte’s ‘strong hand’, just don’t call us a cesspool

    In the third part of an in-depth look at the imminent closure of Boracay, Channel NewsAsia's Jack Board looks at how the attempt to resolve the ...
  6. Boracay business 9

    Boracay businesses pray for early relief from President Duterte’s island shutdown

    In the second part of an in-depth series looking at the impact of the temporary closure of Boracay, Jack Board finds out how businesses are ...
  7. Boracay island 2

    'Dirt on the white sand': Boracay’s first dwellers left in the wake of rampant development

    In the first part of an investigation into the impact of Boracay's imminent closure, Channel NewsAsia's Jack Board talks to the island's ...
  8. Asia Default Image

    Philippines' Duterte claims he cannot be tried by war crimes court

  9. Asia Default Image

    Philippines hails US rights remarks, denies state-backed murders