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  1. Taking Obituary Photos and the Difference between Death and Dying

    Commentary: Taking obituary photos and the difference between death and dying

    People don’t like to talk about death, and that shows when families grapple with how to take Ah Ma’s obituary pictures, Terence Heng.
  2. patient on hospital bed

    Commentary: Your spouse or your parents? Who should decide when to take you off life support?

    Plan how to leave well, if we want to live well, say NUS' Sumytra Menon and NUHS' Dr Noreen Chan.
  3. New Content Item

    Commentary: A painful struggle against grief for the terminally ill during the festive season

    The dying want to be involved in activities but may not have the physical or emotional capacity to deal with stress and stimulation, says one ...
  4. Authors own - Terence Heng - Sea Burial – Scattering Flowers before Ashes

    Commentary: The dead need a place too in land-scarce Singapore

    A recent Channel NewsAsia documentary highlighted Hong Kong’s dilemma in housing the dead. Terence Heng discusses similar challenges facing ...
  5. cancer patient file photo

    Commentary: How I lost a friend to cancer but learnt to say goodbye

    A clinical psychologist tells her story of coming to terms with terminal illness, death and friendship, at the end of a friend's life.
  6. Electronic patient chart at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in San Diego

    Commentary: Singaporeans plan our whole lives, so why not our deaths?

    Planning our end-of-life care can help our loved ones deal with difficult decisions and cope during a period of grief, yet Singaporeans don’t seem ...
  7. Sick child - palliative care

    Commentary: When children die, they take away the future

    How do we deal with losing our young who contract a terminal illness, for whom growing old is not an option?
  8. jcc golf course

    Commentary: Is golf dying in Singapore?

    While the closure of golf courses to make way for the high-speed rail project presents short-term problems, the sport in Singapore may have other ...