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  1. Digital payments

    From early adopter to e-payment paradise: Singapore can lead the world

    Our little red dot has caught up with the world in digital payments, and now it has to learn how to lead, says Sudheendra Shantharam, co-founder ...
  2. Illustration photo of a China yuan note

    China says rejecting physical cash is illegal amid e-payment popularity

    China's central bank on Monday warned that rejecting cash as a form of payment was illegal, saying that such practices could eventually could ...
  3. E-payment Hong Kong

    Commentary: Beneath the digital friendly facade, Singaporeans still reluctant to accept cashless payments

    While Singapore fosters a digital friendly environment, Singaporeans are still hesitant to accept evolving technologies, says one observer.
  4. NETS flash pay

    NETS appointed to handle transactions on unified e-payment platform at hawker centres, coffee shops

    This eliminates the need for multiple terminals or QR codes for stall holders, while customers can use 20 different e-payment options by August 2019.
  5. Top up ez-link card with Android phone

    ‘We are slow’: EZ-Link CEO on shortcomings, and going digital to stay relevant

    Mr Nicholas Lee says efforts to modernise the e-payments provider have been hampered by legacy infrastructure, but he is confident EZ-Link will ...
  6. PayNow screengrab

    Businesses, government bodies can use PayNow Corporate to transfer funds from Aug 13

  7. New Content Item

    E-payment, digital signature options for all government services by 2023

  8. Razer file photo

    Singtel, Razer to partner on e-payments, e-sports initiatives

    Both companies say they plan to jointly organise activities such as regional invitational events to "foster a vibrant e-sports ecosystem in ...