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  1. A cobbler in Singapore fix a shoe (Photo: CNA)

    Commentary: We discard things rather than fix them. Here's why that should change

    Not only can a 'repair economy' save natural resources and reduce waste, but it may also help create a kinder, more inclusive society, says author ...
  2. NTU e-waste recycling lab co-directors

    New S$20 million lab to develop less toxic e-waste recycling methods

  3. As well as old-generation phones and laptops, areas of e-waste are growing as society becomes

    60% of large electrical appliances must be collected for e-waste recycling

    These large appliances include electric mobility devices like power assisted bicycles and electric scooters, although the collection target for ...
  4. Desire Koffi e-waste recycle art Ivory Coast

    Ivory Coast painter gives new life to e-waste

  5. singapore karang guni

    Compulsory e-waste management system to be enforced by 2021

    The amount of e-waste generated in Singapore is equivalent to "every person in Singapore throwing away 73 mobile phones every year", says Dr Amy Khor.
  6. New Content Item

    Government proposes to regulate e-waste reduction

  7. New Content Item

    Most people do not know what to do with e-waste; only a fraction recycle: NEA study

  8. recycle bin

    Singtel, SingPost launch e-waste recycling programme

  9. TT fugi fridge dump

    Johor town makes a business out of Singapore's used fridges

    Residents fix and sell imported old appliances, but experts worry unsafe e-waste dumping could be taking place - in an expose on The Trash Trail.
  10. TT fridges 2

    Toxic fridge gases not being properly handled in Singapore

    New series The Trash Trail investigates and discovers that discarded household refrigerators are handled in ways unsafe for workers and the ...