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  1. FILE PHOTO: Climate activists attend a demonstration against Amazon near the Bercy Finance Ministry

    Anti-Amazon campaigners in France team up to say 'non' to firm’s expansion

    At his veterinary practice near the French city of Lyon one morning in June, Gilles Renevier prepared to perform a castration on a poodle. When ...
  2. A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket carrying NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover vehicle l

    NASA launches new rover to search for signs of past Martian life

    NASA's next-generation Mars rover Perseverance blasted off from Florida's Cape Canaveral on Thursday atop an Atlas 5 rocket on a US$2.4 billion ...
  3. Solar Orbiter takes closest images of the Sun

    Solar probe reveals sun's tiny 'campfires' in closest-ever photos

    A solar probe built by the European Space Agency and NASA has delivered the closest photos ever taken of the sun's surface, revealing a landscape ...
  4. Looking for life on Mars...

    The quest to find signs of ancient life on Mars

    Mars may now be considered a barren, icy desert but did Earth's nearest neighbour once harbour life?
  5. The multiplanetary system of newly discovered super-Earths orbiting nearby red dwarf star Gliese 887

    Planets around nearby star are intriguing candidates for extraterrestrial life

    Up to three planets - potentially rocky like Earth - have been spotted around a star located relatively near our solar system - a planetary system ...
  6. Villagers watch the sunset over a small lagoon near the village of Tangintebu on South Tarawa in th

    The last places on earth without the coronavirus

    Despite infecting more than three million people around the world, there are still 34 countries and territories that have yet to report a single ...