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  1. Alexei Leonov

    First man to conduct spacewalk, Alexei Leonov, dies

    Alexei Leonov, a Soviet-era cosmonaut who was the first man to conduct a spacewalk in 1965, died in Moscow on Friday (Oct 11) aged 85 after a long ...
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    Tiny walking rover bound for the moon

  3. A board displayed in an office building and reading 41 Celsius in Stuttgart

    September 2019 equal hottest on record: Monitor

    Last month was the equal hottest September in history, the European Union's satellite monitoring service said on Friday (Sep 4), the fourth month ...
  4. Artistic impression of the gas giant planet GJ 3512b orbiting its red dwarf host star

    Scientists puzzled by big planet orbiting little star


    First 'song' recorded from rare, lovelorn, right whale off Alaska

    For the first time, scientists have recorded singing by one of the rarest whales on Earth, and it just might be looking for a date.
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    Canada backs startup to boost data on space debris

  7. Observations gathered from the collaboration could help future missions to the Moon, pictured over

    Commentary: Mining the moon may soon become reality

    Anticipation of lunar living is driving engineering and experimental work to determine how to efficiently use lunar materials to support human ...
  8. SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule

    Musk's SpaceX capsule set to splash down after space station stop

  9. SpaceX Israel

    Israel's first lunar lander launched into space from Florida