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  1. The risk of wildfires increases with warm, dry conditions(NOAA satellite photo showing cloud of

    Siberia 10 degrees Celsius hotter in warmest May on record: EU

    Temperatures soared 10 degrees Celsius above average last month in Siberia, home to much of Earth's permafrost, as the world experienced its ...
  2. Villagers watch the sunset over a small lagoon near the village of Tangintebu on South Tarawa in th

    The last places on earth without the coronavirus

    Despite infecting more than three million people around the world, there are still 34 countries and territories that have yet to report a single ...
  3. The International Space Station (ISS) crew member Christina Koch of the U.S. smiles after donning s

    NASA astronaut Christina Koch returning to Earth after record space station mission 

    U.S. astronaut Christina Koch, who led the first all-female spacewalk in 2019, was due to return to Earth on Thursday after a record stay aboard ...
  4. An illustration shows glaciers covering the planet in ice in a so-called snowball Earth period bill

    Did asteroid that hit Australia help thaw ancient 'snowball Earth'?

    Scientists have identified Earth's oldest-known impact crater, and in doing so may have solved a mystery about how our planet emerged from one of ...
  5. Kennedy Center Honorees gather for a group photo after gala dinner at US State Department

    Linda Ronstadt, Sally Field, and Sesame Street feted at Kennedy Center Honors

    Singer Linda Ronstadt, actress Sally Field, and music group Earth, Wind & Fire received the United States' top awards for the arts on Sunday with ...
  6. Nobel laureates attend a news conference at The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm

    Fix climate crisis because Earth is all we've got, Physics Nobel prize winner says

    Fix the climate crisis and save the Earth, one of this year's Nobel laureates for physics urged on Saturday, saying the idea of humans escaping ...
  7. NASA's Parker Solar Probe launches from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral

    NASA's probe soaring near sun reveals surprises about solar wind

    Troves of new data from a NASA probe's close encounters with the sun are giving scientists unique insight about the solar wind and space weather ...