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  1. Nearly 1,000 houses were damaged and more than 3,000 people have taken refuge in government

    Death toll climbs to five after quake in eastern Indonesia

    The death toll from a powerful earthquake that hit a remote Indonesian island chain at the weekend has climbed to five, with thousands living in ...
  2. Indonesia quake Jun 17

    Earthquake of 6.2-magnitude strikes eastern Indonesia

  3. USGS map showing earthquake near Mindanao

    5.7-magnitude earthquake strikes off Mindanao, Philippines

  4. A magnitude 7.1 quake in the southern Atlantic Ocean

    Magnitude 7.1 quake hits close to Antarctica: USGS

  5. A search and rescue team evacuates a victim from the ruins of the Roa-Roa Hotel in Palu, Central Su

    At least 832 dead in Indonesia quake-tsunami disaster: Official

  6. indonesia quake 1708

    Magnitude-6.6 quake hits north-east of Raba, Indonesia: USGS