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  1. KL Malaysia traffic in 2012

    Commentary: Malaysia’s mid-week polling day may impact voter turnout in Johor, Kelantan and East Malaysia

    Calling a Wednesday polling day is unusual and unprecedented, and it puts the opposition at a clear disadvantage, says one political economist.
  2. turtles killed

    Sea nomads may have killed 100 turtles in Sabah: Wildlife authorities

  3. BERSIH roadshow

    Bersih kicks off nationwide roadshow to garner support

    Malaysia pro-democracy group Bersih kicked off a nationwide roadshow to drum up flagging support and raise awareness among rural folk about its ...
  4. Malaysian health ministry presser zika

    Malaysia's health ministry to meet fatwa council on Zika-related abortion

    If the parties come to a consensus in the meeting next week, the medical fraternity will move in to advise on the matter, which has become a point ...