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  1. greece fake supermoon

    Fake super blue blood moon broadcast by EBUZZ on Facebook

  2. Super blue blood moon in Singapore AFP

    There's a 'super blue blood moon' on the rise

  3. Super blue moon Singapore

    A once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence on Jan 31

  4. joey badass

    Rapper defiantly stares at eclipse, cancels shows

  5. Quah Ting Wen national record

    Swimming: Quah Ting Wen sets new national record in women's 50m freestyle

    The two-time Olympian clocked a time of 25.27s, eclipsing the previous national record of 25.38s that was set by teammate Amanda Lim in 2009.
  6. Dubai skyscrapers

    Earth's days getting longer, slower: Study

    Over the past 27 centuries, the average day has lengthened at a rate of about +1.8 milliseconds (ms) per century, a British research team ...