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  1. Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has faced persistent speculation about whether his health

    Commentary: Will replacing Abe leave Japan in limbo?

    There was a wave of concern in the international media when PM Abe was admitted to hospital for check-ups on Aug 24 and Aug 17, drawing attention ...
  2. A woman counts US dollar bills at her home in Buenos Aires

    Commentary: The US dollar's position is safe - but only for now

    The greenback’s recent weakness is driven by shorter-term cyclical factors but in the long-run, the situation is more complicated, says economist ...
  3. Smoke is seen after an explosion in Beirut

    Commentary: The collapsing system behind the Beirut port blast

    For many, the disaster was the direct consequence of decades of corruption and inept leadership at the top of the Lebanese state, says Chloe Cornish.
  4. FILE PHOTO: A customer counts his cash at the register while purchasing an item at a Best Buy store

    Commentary: COVID-19 is an opportunity to move away from cash

    The post-pandemic world will move very fast in payments technologies and central banks must lead the way, says Professor Kenneth Rogoff.
  5. FILE PHOTO: Philippines ramps up coronavirus testing

    Commentary: We need to have the right conversations about COVID-19

    Leaders in government and organisations need to make hard choices now, says IMD’s President Jean-François Manzoni.
  6. EU leaders hold a virtual meeting to discuss the bloc's budget and recovery fund

    Commentary: Government bailouts can help better our post COVID-19 lives

    Governments must enforce conditionality on the private sector so it leads to more inclusive and sustainable growth, say Mariana Mazzucato and ...
  7. FILE PHOTO: A Singapore Airlines plane sits on the tarmac at Singapore's Changi Airport

    Commentary: Airlines will need to review their fleets to boost passenger confidence and demand

    The over-reliance on large aircraft is notable in Southeast Asia and the negative impact of downturns is always amplified by overcapacity, says ...
  8. A worker prepares mycelium leather to be used for local products at Mycotech Eco Factory in West Ba

    Commentary: COVID-19 will leave more young Indonesians unemployed

    Before the pandemic, Indonesia’s 15 to 24 year old unemployment rate was already the second highest in South East Asia, says an observer.
  9. FILE PHOTO: A U.S. dollar note is seen in front of a stock graph in this picture illustration

    Commentary: The biggest shock from COVID-19 will be felt on the US dollar

    Domestic saving, already depressed, is headed deep into negative territory, says Stephen S. Roach.
  10. US President Donald Trump (L) says the economy is bouncing back from the virus lockdowns

    Commentary: The US is still key to the post-COVID-19 economic leadership

    As the world’s largest economy and dominant global player, the US can drive – or undermine – global policy coordination, says Mohamed A El-Erian.