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  1. primary school students

    Education Ministry ‘does not tolerate bullying in any form’: Ng Chee Meng

  2. File photo of Innova JC

    JC mergers: Equal representation of staff in merged JCs, say principals

    While the issue of re-deploying staff can be “multi-faceted”, the principals of two JCs slated to merge in 2019 say the merged JC will have a ...
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    School mergers in 2019: 5 questions answered

    The Ministry of Education has just announced mergers affecting 14 primary schools, six secondary schools and eight junior colleges in 2019. Here's ...
  4. Bendemeer Primary School

    14 primary schools, 6 secondary schools to merge in 2019

    The Education Ministry will also open one new primary school in Sengkang to meet a growing need there.
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    Help employees pick up and use deep skills, while strengthening enterprises: CFE

    In its report released on Thursday (Feb 7), the committee stressed the need for Singaporeans to acquire and utilise deep skills, and strengthen ...
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    Authorities take ‘whole-of government’ approach in dealing with teen suicides: Tan Chuan-Jin

    Speaking in Parliament on Tuesday (Sep 13), the Minister for Social and Family Development said his ministry has come together with several other ...
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    Malaysian education ministry cancels school trips to Singapore, Philippines due to Zika

    Malaysia's Education Ministry on Saturday (Sep 10) instructed all school trips to Singapore and the Philippines to be cancelled in the wake of the ...
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    Early Childhood Development Agency to pool resources, support

    Acting Minister for Social and Family Development (MSF), Chan Chun Sing, said early childhood development is about the holistic development of a ...
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    MOE assures Parliament that Malay students not lagging behind

    Senior Parliamentary Secretary for the Education Ministry, Hawazi Daipi said this in parliament Monday that Malay students are going further in ...