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  1. US universities such as Stanford are popular with Chinese students, who contributed $14 billion to

    US says it welcomes Chinese nationals for 'legitimate' studies

    The United States said Monday it was committed to welcoming Chinese nationals for "legitimate" studies but acknowledged increased visa scrutiny ...
  2. File photo of Chinese students graduating.

    China warns students, academics about studying in the US

  3. teacher in vietnam school, classroom

    Commentary: Teachers love their jobs and feel valued but face immense challenges

    Teachers passionate about their work derive intrinsic joy from intangible rewards but many new challenges remain on the horizon, says NIE’s Jason Tan.
  4. kindergarten MOE

    8 new MOE kindergartens to open in 2022

  5. FILE PHOTO: People protest outside the Hungarian Academy of Sciences against government's plan

    Defying scientists, Hungary will overhaul academic network, website reports

    Hungary is preparing legislation to strip the Hungarian Academy of Sciences of its research network, giving the government more control over ...
  6. Afghan schoolgirls line up for class. UNICEF says almost half Afghanistan's children have been

    Attacks against Afghan schools soar, says UNICEF

    The number of attacks on schools in Afghanistan nearly tripled last year, UNICEF said Tuesday, cutting children's access to education amid ...