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  1. South Korean elderly find new friends in AI speakers | Video
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    South Korean elderly find new friends in AI speakers | Video

    South Koreans are aging rapidly with the elderly population accounting for more than 14 per cent of its 51 million population. Many elderly are ...
  2. Nursing home elderly file

    Commentary: Depression and dementia during COVID-19 are two sides of a devastating coin

    Dementia among the elderly is common but what most people may not know is that depression comes along too and COVID-19 is making this worse, says ...
  3. MCI Dementia Willam at day care - Rummy O

    ‘Help’s out there, just ask’: How dementia day care helped, when grandpa kept getting lost

    As a family, they’d pulled together to look out for grandpa when he developed dementia – but still, there came a day caregiver Geraldine Lim ...
  4. diaper lawrence 3

    This entrepreneur is giving dignity to needy folks, one diaper at a time

    When he noticed how old and needy folks would save on diapers even though they have urinary incontinence, Mr Lawrence Ng started his own company, ...
  5. elderly man senior citizen file photo singapore

    COVID-19: Ensuring the elderly don't become isolated during the outbreak

    Seniors like Madam Koh, who has been living alone for more than a decade, are having fewer social interactions as the COVID-19 situation persists.