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    Government to take over administration of ElderShield from 2021

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    MPs question gender-based premiums, criteria for disability payouts 

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    Higher, lifetime severe disability payouts for those joining CareShield Life

    The enhanced scheme, called CareShield Life, will have an initial payout of S$600, up from the current S$300 or S$400.
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    Commentary: Laugh at enrolling in ElderShield at 30? It should be sobering news

    Ageing and disability are challenges we all have to confront, so there’s good reason we should be invested in the ElderShield review, says Channel ...
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    Commentary: Starting ElderShield at 30? We can do better than that

    ElderShield coverage must benefit the elderly poor and those who suffer from dementia, says an observer from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.
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    Experts suggest bigger payouts, better coverage for enhanced ElderShield

    The ElderShield review committee said it is reviewing payouts, which are pegged to premiums and the payout period.