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  1. Already in February supporters Muhammadu Buhari celebrated his re-election as Nigerian president in

    Nigeria ruling party stages come-back in key state vote

  2. Margrethe Vestager

    Antitrust chief Vestager joins race for EU top job

  3. Some Thais have defied a junta ban on protests to call for a return to democracy, as public anger

    Deaths, jail and cyber spies: The dangers of dissent in Thailand

    Dead dissidents dumped in a river, activists knotted up by the courts, and Big Brother-style internet laws - critics of Thailand's military ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: A 3D printed Facebook logo is placed on broken glass above a printed EU flag in this il

    Facebook plans more fact-checking ahead of European Parliament election

    Facebook plans to ramp up efforts to fight misinformation ahead of the European Parliament election in May and will partner with German news ...
  5. india election ballots

    Team to trek miles through jungle to reach lone Indian voter

  6. Presidential candidate Zuzana Caputova, who secured 40% of the first-round vote, is almost certain

    Government critic on track to become Slovakia's first female president

    Government critic Zuzana Caputova secured a huge first-round win over the ruling party candidate in Slovakia's weekend election, putting her one ...
  7. Modi swept to power in 2014 pledging to modernise India and create jobs

    Commentary: India elections a battle for minds and souls

    Even with the increased patriotic fervour, the BJP will find it difficult to repeat its sweeping success of 2014, says Visiting Research Professor ...
  8. Angela Merkel

    Merkel distances herself from Macron's Europe vision

  9. Activists of the Ukrainian far-right party National Corps clash with police

    Dozens of police injured after clashes ahead of Ukraine poll