electronic road pricing

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  1. ERP gantry

    ERP rates on some roads to be reduced for June school holidays

  2. erp gantry

    DBS, POSB cardholders get access to EZ-Pay service for ERP payment

    With EZ-Pay, ERP charges are billed directly to the registered credit card, if there is insufficient value in the CashCard or if motorists forget ...
  3. ERP

    2 ERP gantries along PIE to be activated in the evening from Feb 20

    ERP rates at two gantries along the north-bound CTE will also go up during the evening peak hour.
  4. Cars Woodlands Checkpoint

    Foreign vehicles entering Singapore to pay 'reciprocal road charge' of S$6.40

    The road charge mirrors Malaysia's road charge of RM20 (S$6.40) per entry for non-Malaysia registered cars entering Johor, says Singapore's Land ...
  5. ERP Gantry at KPE Southbound

    LTA mulls ERP at KPE tunnel after Tampines Road towards city

    LTA noted that traffic speeds along the stretch of KPE between the Tampines Expressway and Airport Road have "persistently fallen below the ...
  6. ERP gantry

    Distance-based ERP model will allow more flexibility in managing vehicle use: Analysts

    A shift to a new satellite-based Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system will help transfer vehicle usage costs through ERP rather than through ...