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  1. A herd of elephants walk along a road in Eshan, Yunan, China

    Herd of wild elephants in China approaches Kunming city after 500km journey

    A herd of 15 wild elephants was approaching the city of Kunming, the capital of southwest China's Yunnan province, on Wednesday, defying attempts ...
  2. Valentine's Day celebration in Thailand

    Couples in Thailand tie the knot on elephants on Valentine's Day

    Fifty-two couples in Thailand got married while riding elephants on Sunday, in an annual Valentine's Day mass wedding ceremony at a botanical ...
  3. Ep 2
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    Ep 2: Living With Elephants

    In his attempt to travel differently and responsibly, Chef Anthony volunteers at an elephant orphanage where captive elephants have been rescued ...
  4. OTRD ep 30 - keeping up with the keeper
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    Ep 30: Inside The Zoo: Keeping Up With The Keeper

    The zoo wows visitors with educational animal shows every day. But how do the keepers strike a balance between entertaining their visitors and ...
  5. Farewell ceremony for Kaavan, an elephant waiting to be transported to a sanctuary in Cambodia, at

    Cher in Pakistan to send off elephant she worked to free

    American singer Cher arrived in Pakistan to send off Kaavan, the elephant she has spent years trying to free, before he is moved to a sanctuary in ...
  6. Zoom call with elephants

    For US$75, you can Zoom with elephants in Thailand and help fund their care

    Support elephant welfare by making a trunk video call to these gentle giants in Northern Thailand.
  7. Kavaan, a 29-year-old male elephant, is seen inside its enclosure at a zoo in Islamabad

    With songs and sedation, experts aim to rescue Kaavan the Islamabad elephant

    Animal rights advocates have long raised concerns about conditions at Islamabad's zoo, where dozens of animals including six lion cubs have died ...