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  1. person, woman, writes an email, working on laptop, in meeting

    Commentary: COVID-19 could finally break bad habits in out-of-office emails

    The humble auto-reply has come into its own now that time off really has to mean time off, says the Financial Times’ Pilita Clark.
  2. Acing the online interview EMAIL

    Commentary: You're using email all wrong and it's causing angst to everyone else

    Emails are problematic not when they use the wrong sign-off but when they waste time and attention, says the Financial Times’ Tim Harford.
  3. A digital collaboration tool like no other

    A digital collaboration tool like no other

    For Singapore Raffles Music College, Lark served as both a learning platform that connected students across geographical borders and a ...
  4. Sparking joy in teamwork

    Sparking joy in teamwork

    As working outside the office becomes more prevalent, organisations can harness the right tools to ensure effective collaboration and productivity.
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    Greening The Net

    Life has gotten more digital than ever before. But when it comes to greenhouse gases, the Internet is responsible for 2% of global emissions. What ...
  6. NYT Illustration for tackling emails

    Tackling the perennial work problem: The bottomless email inbox

    For US$99 a year, Hey wants to help us restore some control. The new service has a way to go and so does email, come to think of it.
  7. What your out-of-office email reply says about you

    Back from holiday? Here’s what your out-of-office email reply says about you

    They say you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep – to which we’d add, examine their email auto-reply.