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  1. General view shows Mario Kart Station at Super Nintendo World at the Universal Studios Japan theme

    Universal Studios Japan delays Nintendo area opening due to virus emergency

    Universal Studios Japan said on Thursday it would postpone the opening of its Super Nintendo World area from a scheduled date of Feb. 4 until ...
  2. New Zealand Climate Emergency

    Commentary: New Zealand's climate emergency declaration should inspire hope but invokes fear

    The Prime Minister declared a climate emergency but for it to be more than an empty promise it must take into account all stakeholders in the ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: Blocked entrance to Huanan seafood market, where the coronavirus that can causes COVID-

    WHO says would be 'highly speculative' to say COVID-19 did not emerge in China

    The World Health Organization's top emergency expert said on Friday (Nov 27) it would be "highly speculative" for the WHO to say the coronavirus ...
  4. Westminster cathedral service marks 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain

    UK sports bodies ask government for emergency aid

    A coalition of over 100 sports bodies, including the Premier League and Football Association, have asked British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for ...
  5. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in Paris

    France will end COVID-19 emergency health powers in July

    France will end special government powers brought in to deal with the coronavirus pandemic on July 10 though it will retain the ability to curb ...