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  1. Disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, whose fall was the most prominent result of the #MeToo

    Victim-blamers have empathy, but it's mostly for perpetrators: Study

    You may have seen it among your own friends: a high-profile #MeToo case triggers responses that assign some or all the blame on a victim of sexual ...
  2. Electronic patient chart at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in San Diego

    Commentary: Empathy in healthcare is finally making a comeback

    Empathy in healthcare got squeezed out as medicine became more professional and scientific by the 18th century, says Oxford University's Jeremy ...
  3. Disability campaign 1

    Community acceptance important to integrate disabled: Tan Chuan-Jin

    A 10-week campaign to raise awareness, empathy and support for people with disabilities was launched by SPD on Friday (Feb 10).
  4. today enable fund

    ESM Goh, TODAY start charity fund to help people with disabilities

    The TODAY Enable Fund will focus on enhancing the education, skills and employment prospects of people with disabilities, as well as fostering ...
  5. Asia Default Image

    Growing awareness of animal welfare in China

    A recent survey by World Animal Protection shows that about seven out of 10 Chinese consumers consider the welfare of farm animals important.