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  1. Mandarin Gardens estate

    Mandarin Gardens set for record en bloc sale with S$2.5 billion asking price

    En bloc fever has reached a new high with an attempt by the owners of Mandarin Gardens to engineer what is set to become Singapore's largest ...
  2. Windy Heights up for en bloc sale

    Windy Heights up for en bloc sale with reserve price of S$806.2m

    Windy Heights, which faces both Jalan Daud and Lengkong Tiga, comprises 192 apartment units in four residential blocks, eight penthouses and two ...
  3. Pearlbank Apartments 2_mod

    Pearl Bank Apartments sold to CapitaLand for S$728m

  4. Amber Park at Amber Road put up for collective sale

    Safeguards in place for en bloc sales: Lawrence Wong

  5. condo showroom

    Commentary: What happens when the en bloc musical chairs stop?

    Two National University of Singapore experts discuss the impact of collective sales on the private housing market, including whether prices will ...
  6. Amber Park at Amber Road put up for collective sale

    Collective sales fever in 2018 to drive private home sales

    Analysts expect private home prices to rise by about 12 per cent over three to four years, stabilising in 2020  or 2021.
  7. brookvale park

    Brookvale Park in Sunset Way makes third attempt at en bloc sale

  8. Royalville and Crystal Tower composite

    2 freehold properties in Bukit Timah sold en bloc