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  1. Mandarin Gardens en bloc

    More than 30 en bloc bids fail to find buyers since cooling measures

  2. The Pulse
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    The Pulse - Saving iconic landmarks as Golden Mile Complex goes en bloc

    As Golden Mile Complex is set to go en bloc, historians and architects might bemoan its loss, but do regular people care?
  3. HDB and private property

    Commentary: What a ‘Housing Redevelopment Board’ will do for mature estates

    An imagined Housing Redevelopment Board may have more schemes to provide more options for home owners to monetise their old flats but the housing ...
  4. hdb 99 year lease file photo

    The Big Read: HDB lease decay — Govt’s solutions ‘not perfect’, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel

    The issue of lease expiry of HDB flats in Singapore remains a complex issue with no perfect solutions and many details to be worked out.
  5. hdb 99 year lease file photo

    Commentary: Windfalls and bailouts should not be an expected part of the public housing equation

    Let’s not depend on our flats receiving VERS in making prudent housing decisions, says Channel NewsAsia’s Bharati Jagdish.
  6. Silence in en bloc market broken with Phoenix Heights sale | Video
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    Silence in en bloc market broken with Phoenix Heights sale | Video

    The collective sale of Phoenix Heights, announced on Tuesday (Aug 21), marks the first such sale since the latest cooling measures kicked in last ...
  7. condo launch

    Commentary: Did the Government intervene too early in Singapore’s private housing market?

    With the new cooling measures, those buying a second property for investment purposes might have to set aside almost half of the property price ...