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  1. New Content Item

    The Big Read: Property cooling measures — examining the case for a ‘sledgehammer’

    Uncertainty arising from the latest cooling measures announced early this month has raised concerns with developers, homeowners, and property ...
  2. aerial shot of horizon towers

    Amid property curbs, some en bloc attempts go on while others change tracks

    Extending the tender period is one way that some are banking on to keep their collective sale bids alive following surprise cooling measures.
  3. HDB construction

    Commentary: Singapore’s public housing policy has done its job splendidly. Maybe it is time for a makeover?

    With an ageing population who may be asset rich but cash poor, and the 99-year HDB leasehold issue looming large in public discussion, we need a ...
  4. Mandarin Gardens estate

    Mandarin Gardens owners approve S$2.5 billion price for collective sale agreement

    Developers may have to spend S$4 billion to acquire the property and build a new one.
  5. Mandarin Gardens estate

    Mandarin Gardens set for record en bloc sale with S$2.5 billion asking price

    En bloc fever has reached a new high with an attempt by the owners of Mandarin Gardens to engineer what is set to become Singapore's largest ...
  6. Windy Heights up for en bloc sale

    Windy Heights up for en bloc sale with reserve price of S$806.2m

    Windy Heights, which faces both Jalan Daud and Lengkong Tiga, comprises 192 apartment units in four residential blocks, eight penthouses and two ...