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    What’s behind the IEA’s roadmap for global energy use in the quest for net-zero emissions by 2050 | EP 39

    In tackling the climate crisis, nations have to transform their energy sector, a key component responsible for the majority of global greenhouse ...
  2. A surge in coal use to produce electricity is driving the rebound in CO2 emissions, the IEA says

    Commentary: Why are the major G7 economies delaying a break with the fossil fuel industry?

    As long as fossil fuels remain profitable, governments are in an awkward position, say business lecturers.
  3. FILE PHOTO: A man holds his smartphone which displays the Google home page, in this picture illustr

    Commentary: The Internet consumes huge amounts of energy – but it can be more sustainable

    Designing less energy-intensive websites and powering them with renewable energy are all viable ways of making the web more sustainable, says an ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: A general view of the drilling platform at Johan Sverdrup field near Stord

    Commentary: Norway's unique challenges as third largest natural gas exporter

    Falling global demand for fossil fuels will hamper Norway’s main growth engine, say Mariana Mazzucato and Rainer Kattel.
  5. Wind turbines are seen in 2018 in the Dabancheng district in Urumqi in China's northwestern

    Commentary: Why China believes it’s go big on carbon emission cuts or go home

    China aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. The challenges ahead are daunting and the socioeconomic costs high, but meeting these targets ...
  6. Smoke and steam billows from the coal-fired power plant owned by Indonesia Power, next to an area f

    Commentary: Indonesia’s coal industry is on its last legs

    It’s time to put to rest the myth that using coal, which Indonesia’s economy now relies on, can be a long-term resource for the country’s energy ...