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  1. Smoke rises from a coke factory in the village of Lukavac near Tuzla

    Global climate goals 'virtually impossible' without carbon capture: IEA

    A sharp rise in the deployment of carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) technology is needed globally if countries are to meet net-zero ...
  2. Netflix on tv

    Commentary: All our Netflix binge-watching is costing the environment

    The energy associated with the global IT sector is estimated to have the same carbon footprint as the aviation industry’s fuel emissions, say ...
  3. China IPO Target
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    Ep 21: China IPO Target

    Why Chinese companies are looking closer to home, for their market debuts. Also - after hitting record highs, is gold still a safe haven investment?
  4. Turkish Armed Forces have been carrying out military exercises in the self-proclaimed Turkish

    Pompeo in Cyprus says US 'deeply concerned' over Turkey energy search

    US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on Turkey to cease tension-raising activities in the eastern Mediterranean during a visit to Cyprus ...
  5. File photo of air-conditioners

    Commentary: Air-conditioning – the unspoken energy guzzler in Singapore

    The good news is a sea change has been underway to curb unsustainable use of air-conditioning, says Kavickumar Muruganathan.
  6. The Climate Conversations podcast thumbnail
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    EP 3: Getting to the heart of energy and climate change

    This week Jaime Ho talks to Melissa Low about energy. It powers our lives and economies, but how do we lower our dependence on fossil fuels as an ...
  7. Saving Our Planet
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    Saving Our Planet

    More people are switching to a plant-based diet. While many are doing it for health reasons, others are playing their part in saving mother earth ...
  8. FILE PHOTO: FILE PHOTO: Fires in the Amazon: a barrier to climate change up in smoke

    Commentary: Climate change could be much worse than we are told

    Attacks on scientists examining the impact and scale of climate change have been growing as the evidence became more compelling through the years, ...
  9. A logo of Italian multinational energy company Enel is seen in Milan

    Coronavirus accelerates European utilities' digital drive

    When COVID-19 plunged Italy into lockdown, it was decision time at the Verampio power station. The control room, which runs a fleet of ...