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  1. Commentary: Rise of a rockstar engineer, silhouette of an engineer, construction worker,

    Commentary: The rise of the rockstar engineer in smart city Singapore

    Engineering is about solving problems and removing roadblocks, skills that are essential in building a smart city, says Johnson Controls' Ken Lim.
  2. PEB Day of Dedication

    More female professional engineers join field

  3. smrt breakdown

    Commuters frustrated after SMRT hit by 3 track faults in a day

    Transport operator SMRT was hit by three train delays in the span of a day, after two track faults occurred on the North-South Line and one on the ...
  4. Khaw Trains

    Going public on train cracks could have caused undue panic: Khaw

    Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan says that going public for something that was not "a major event" might have caused unnecessary panic to the ...