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  1. Cynthia Chua HERO

    Spa Esprit's Cynthia Chua is opening her first Japanese restaurant in Singapore

    Arguably one of Singapore’s OG lifestyle trendsetters, Chua now has over 100 outlets around the world. Stagnation, she said, is what scares ...
  2. A group of working women in the Israeli high-tech industry pose with a cardboard cutout of German C

    Israeli tech women protest men-only meeting with Merkel

    Women working in high-tech companies posed around a cardboard cutout of German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday to protest against a meeting ...
  3. Christopher Quek, managing partner of Trive

    This entrepreneur-turned-VC wants to get Singapore start-ups to pay it forward

    He also thinks that new start-up entrants should look beyond tried-and-tested ideas, such as e-marketplaces, food delivery and ride-hailing apps.
  4. Fastbee founder Khoo Kar Kiat

    I’d do it all over again, says founder of failed start-up Fastbee

    Despite failing, Khoo Kar Kiat says taking the entrepreneurial plunge has put him on a path of self-discovery.
  5. Koufu CEO Pang LIm

    From food court to IPO: Koufu fires up appetite for expansion

    Hungry for growth, the Singapore-listed F&B firm has plans for overseas expansion and a new integrated facility on its plate.
  6. (pp) Eco-plastic 1

    Young Cambodian women on green mission to build roads with plastic waste

    Two young Cambodian entrepreneurs show how plastic waste can be turned into roads in their hi-tech fight to save the environment at home.