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  1. A group of working women in the Israeli high-tech industry pose with a cardboard cutout of German C

    Israeli tech women protest men-only meeting with Merkel

    Women working in high-tech companies posed around a cardboard cutout of German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday to protest against a meeting ...
  2. Christopher Quek, managing partner of Trive

    This entrepreneur-turned-VC wants to get Singapore start-ups to pay it forward

    He also thinks that new start-up entrants should look beyond tried-and-tested ideas, such as e-marketplaces, food delivery and ride-hailing apps.
  3. Fastbee founder Khoo Kar Kiat

    I’d do it all over again, says founder of failed start-up Fastbee

    Despite failing, Khoo Kar Kiat says taking the entrepreneurial plunge has put him on a path of self-discovery.
  4. Koufu CEO Pang LIm

    From food court to IPO: Koufu fires up appetite for expansion

    Hungry for growth, the Singapore-listed F&B firm has plans for overseas expansion and a new integrated facility on its plate.
  5. (pp) Eco-plastic 1

    Young Cambodian women on green mission to build roads with plastic waste

    Two young Cambodian entrepreneurs show how plastic waste can be turned into roads in their hi-tech fight to save the environment at home.
  6. New Content Item

    Commentary: Most successful entrepreneurs are older than we think

    Young founders can make for a dramatic story, but this stereotype of youth's success is a myth, say two observers.