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  1. A day in the life of… Food tech entrepreneur Anna Haotanto

    A day in the life of… Singapore food tech entrepreneur Anna Haotanto

    From workouts to restaurant operations, the powerhouse behind well-known F&B brands Tsuta and Mrs Pho is constantly thinking of ways to break new ...
  2. No-Signboard-CEO Sam Lim

    On its 40th anniversary, No Signboard faces its biggest challenges yet

    No Signboard Seafood Restaurant’s CEO Sam Lim talks about how he propelled the humble hawker stall that his grandmother founded into a listed ...
  3. Creative Capital Mette Hartman HERO

    Creative Capital: The Scandinavian expatriate championing batik through modern fashion

    Meet Mette Hartman, the 56-year-old Norwegian behind Martha Who’s cool, modern batik kaftans.
  4. Renzo Russo

    Diesel jeans founder: ‘If you want to keep a company cool… the first thing is creativity’

    Fashion titan Renzo Rosso’s company, OTB, counts brands like Diesel, Maison Margiela and Jil Sander in its stable, making it one of Italy’s ...
  5. Tai-Ran Niew

    How an ex-Singapore resident went from banker to winemaker

    Searching for a different pace of life, Cambridge-educated Tai-Ran Niew left a lucrative career in investment banking in Asia to pursue winemaking ...
  6. Sim Wong Hoo

    ‘We still value our loyal supporters’: Creative Technology’s Sim Wong Hoo

    Work on the firm’s third-generation Super X-Fi technology is currently underway, but founder Sim Wong Hoo hasn’t forgotten about older fans who ...
  7. Directions Tay Liam Sze Hero CNA Lifestyle

    This PR guru’s a big reason why Singaporeans love their international fashion brands

    In the month of May, CNA Lifestyle speaks to successful working mothers who make it look all too easy. Directions’ Tay Liam Sze is the marketing ...
  8. Ivy Singh-Lim

    Singapore's Ivy Singh-Lim: ‘We’ve got to bring the countryside back’

    With Bollywood Veggies newly rebranded as Bollywood Farms, we meet with Singapore’s favourite firebrand Ivy Singh-Lim to find out what plans she ...
  9. Mother's Day series Jacelyn Tay of Body Inc HERO

    How former actress Jacelyn Tay found her true calling in life as a health coach

    In the month of May, CNA Lifestyle speaks to successful working mothers who make it look all too easy. This week, we speak to the 45-year-old ...