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  1. This decades-old Murray cod was among millions of fish which died in mass kills in December and

    'Urgent steps' needed to save Australia's biggest river system

    The viability of a key river that feeds into Australia's biggest water system is under threat if poor conditions that killed millions of fish are ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: Greenpeace holds a demonstration against plastic waste at the Heroes Square in Budapest

    Commentary: Why stop at straws and bags? Let's move away from single-use plastics

    Land-based pollution from single-use plastic demands a global response, says environmental law professor at the University of Idaho Anastasia ...
  3. Australia has been hit by wildfires in recent months, which scientists say have been made worse by

    Tasmania fires may 'wipe out' ancient species

    Tasmania's ancient rainforest and alpine flora species face an uncertain future, scientists have warned, after out-of-control bushfires consumed ...
  4. China's clampdown on pollution that is clogging up many of its cities has seen a wind-down in

    Northern China pollution up by 16% in January

  5. Marine scientist NUS bacteria Singapore coast waters

    Toxic bacteria found on microplastics along Singapore's coastline

  6. A woman wearing a mask prays with unlit incense ahead of the Lunar New Year at Erawan Shrine in Ban

    Incense coils through polluted Bangkok as calls for curbs ignored

    Thais of Chinese descent largely ignored Bangkok's call for restraint in burning of incense and "spirit money" to mark the Lunar New Year as the ...
  7. Floods have inundated thousands of homes and closed airports and schools, leaving cars and houses

    Fresh flood warning issued in Australia as PM visits

    Heavy rain continued to pelt Australia's flood-ravaged northeast Tuesday, prompting the authorities to warn of further flash flooding in the hours ...