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  1. Spaghetti topped with avocado slices being served at Kiss Avocado, a restaurant in Shanghai.

    Avocados hit sweet spot in China, while sucking Chile dry

    Chinese consumers have embraced the craze for the fruit only in recent years, but that is making life ever more difficult in one of its source ...
  2. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission staff bag a Burmese python in the Everglades

    'It was going for my throat': Florida python hunters wrestle invasive snakes

    Thomas Aycock's life flashed before his eyes one night in the Everglades as a 13-foot Burmese python squeezed his arm and a leg in its coils.
  3. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has proposed a transition fund meant to bankroll

    EU lays out trillion-euro 'Green Deal'

    Going green can be a costly business, as the EU's executive body made clear on Tuesday (Jan 14) when it launched a €1 trillion (US$1.1 trillion) ...
  4. Veterinary surgeons said they have come across koalas, birds, wallabies and possums suffering from

    Koalas, wallabies endangered by Australia bushfires 'ecological disaster'

    The Australian government committed AUS$50 million to an emergency wildlife recovery program on Monday, calling the bushfires crisis engulfing the ...
  5. Bushfires in Shannons Flat, Australia

    Australia gets relief, respite as bushfires spare remote villages

    Fearing the worst from approaching bushfires, most of the roughly 230 people living in the village of Towamba in Australia's southeast left.
  6. China, the world's largest emitter, will likely play a key role in 2020 climate decisions

    Climate at mercy of politics in 2020, experts warn

    2020 is the most crucial year yet for humanity's plan to dodge the bullet of catastrophic global warming, experts said Saturday, warning that the ...